Regionalni centar za profesionalni razvoj zaposlenih u obrazovanju

rcentar letoThe Center for professional training Cacak were established through the Professional Development Project (PDP), owing to the understanding memorandum of 24 July 2003 between the Government of Switzerland and the Republic of Serbia i.e. between the Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the Ministry of Education, respectively.



What is the Center for professional training Cacak?

The Center for professional training Cacak is an institution of public service established by the Municipality of Cacak, in accordance with the Serbian Ministry of Education’s Strategy Document for the period from 2005 to 2010.


 Why the Center for professional training Cacak?

The purpose of establishing the Center for professional training Cacak is as follows:

  • To make it possible for the institutions to adapt the professional development to the needs in its region;
  • To monitor the professional development in accordance with the region’s needs and the strategy of the educational development at the national level;
  • To organize seminars at the working place or in the immediate vicinity of it, thus reducing the cost of professional development significantly.

The Center for professional training Cacak is:

  • A place where various kinds of training are organized
  • A Resource Center (a library with professional literature, methodical-didactic, pedagogical and psychological, audio and video materials, etc);
  • Information systems (printed or online information booklets, which include the offer of the advanced training programs)
  • A place where the quality of the advanced training is evaluated and monitored
  • A place where the employees in the branch of education gather and exchange their professional experience.

What does the Center for professional training Cacak deal with?

In the Center for professional training the strategy of the advanced training in the region is applied and brought into effort in accordance with the strategy formulated by the Center for Professional development in Belgrade, in cooperation with the other relevant factors in education. This Center for professional training prepares an annual work program and executes programs of public and special interest in collaboration with School Management in Cacak.

The Center’s Activities:

  • Recording and analysis of the need for the advanced training of the employees in education
  • Planning of the training and other forms of professional development;
  • Help with creating the new programs for the advanced training
  • Monitoring the application of various forms of advanced training;
  • Cooperation with the Institute/Center for Professional development;
  • Cooperation with the local community
  • Cooperation with the Ministry of Education/School Management;
  • Cooperation with educational institutions
  • Establishing and maintaining databases
  • The analysis of the offer for advanced training programs
  • Organizing seminars and other forms of advanced training.